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On January 11,it anchored for five days near the mouth of a small river between Natal and Mozambique, which they called the Rio do Cobre Copper River. Dom Paulo da Gama, captain of Malacca in —34, killed in a naval action off Malacca. Vasco da Gama was given Vidigueira, a newly created county in The Portuguese became the first known Europeans to visit the port of Mombasa from 7 to 13 Aprilbut were met with hostility and soon departed.

After reaching the coast of present-day Sierra Leoneda Gama took a course south into the open ocean, crossing the Equator and seeking the South Atlantic westerlies that Bartolomeu Dias had discovered in However, the episode is related only by late and unreliable sources and may be legendary or at least exaggerated.

After a troubled journey four or five of the ships were lost en routehe arrived in India in September. Return Vasco da Gama left Calicut on 29 August He was later granted additional privileges and revenues, and his wife bore him six sons.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message From the earlier part of the 15th century, Portuguese expeditions organized by Prince Henry the Navigator had been reaching down the African coastline, principally in search of west African riches notably, gold.

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Monument to Vasco da Gama, Lisbon. He visited Anjidiv Island near Goa before sailing for Malindi, which he reached on January 8,after nearly three months crossing the Arabian Sea.

After da Gama formed an alliance with the ruler of Cannanore, an enemy of the Zamorin, the fleet sailed to Calicut, with the aim of wrecking its trade and punishing the Zamorin for the favour he had shown to Muslim traders.

For the next 20 years, da Gama continued to advise the Portuguese ruler on Indian affairs, but he was not sent back to the region untilwhen King John III appointed him as Portuguese viceroy in India.

Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. During this year he also became the first non-royal blood count in Portugal. Vasco da Gama contracted malaria on the third trip and died soon after arriving in India. His attempts to return to the favor of Manuel I including switching over to the Order of Christ inyielded little.

His discovery also made it possible for the Portuguese Empire to improve its trade which improved the economy. The Redemption Year[ edit ] Main article: This conflict, along with hostility from Muslim traders, led Da Gama to leave without concluding a treaty and return to Portugal. Campeonato Brasileiro[ edit ] After a good season inVasco started a poorly and were hampered by financial issues.

Vasco won the Copa Libertadores, beating Barcelona of Ecuador in the final. His discovery of the route to India around Africa allowed the Portuguese to create a colonial empire in Asia. His path would be followed up thereafter by yearly Portuguese India Armadas.

As a consequence, da Gama has been vilified, and Portuguese trading methods have been associated with terror. He was subsequently appointed as the 11th governor of India from to Fearing the local population would be hostile to Christians, da Gama impersonated a Muslim and gained audience with the Sultan of Mozambique.

It was delayed for so many years that Vasco ended up being given the expedition.

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He eventually took passage on an Azorean caravel and finally arrived in Lisbon on 29 August according to Barros[22] or early September 8th or 18th, according to other sources. In his body was taken back to Portugal.Canal oficial do Vasco no YouTube. Skip navigation Sign in.

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Vasco da Gama

Watch video · Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer and the first person to navigate a route to the East and India. Learn more at Vasco da Gama’s Early Life and First Voyage to India Born circaVasco da Gama was the son of a minor nobleman who commanded the fortress at Sines, located on the coast of the Alentejo.

Vasco da Gama became famous for being the first European explorer to leave Europe by ship and sail to India by going around Africa. He was a Portuguese explorer, and one of the most famous from the Age of Discovery. His discovery of the route to India around Africa allowed the Portuguese to create a.

Vasco da Gama: Vasco da Gama, Portuguese navigator whose voyages to India (–99, –03, ) opened up the sea route from western Europe to the East by way of the Cape of Good Hope. Da Gama was the third son of Estêvão da Gama, a minor provincial nobleman who was commander of the fortress of Sines on the.

Vasco de gama
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