The issue of the use of torture by the cia in the early 2000s

That is the most disturbing thing about the nomination," he said. Related front page panorama photo credit: What about when CIA interrogators killed prisoners during interrogations, because that happened?

In it, the lawyers argued that prosecution for torture could be avoided if said torture "resulted in saving thousands of lives.

USA and Torture: A History of Hypocrisy

She drafted the order to destroy the videos even after the White House instructed the CIA not to do so. The list included waterboarding, sleep deprivation and stress positions.

German federal officials did not act on the request because the case lacked a connection to Germany. Durham did say that the full record of the possible evidence of criminal conduct and possible defenses that might be offered by any of those accused were contained in the pages of the Senate committee report that he was not going to release.

She ordered the tapes destroyed, even though they had become federal records. He has said so. He was forced to retract elements of that article in the last couple of days. Last year, lawyers for three men in a civil legal case in Spokane, Washington wanted to speak with Haspel and other CIA officials.

Evidence destroyed Videotapes of the interrogations in Thailand were destroyed on the orders of a cable drafted by Haspel and agreed to by her former boss, then-CIA director of counterterrorism operations Jose Rodriguez.

If Gina Haspel is confirmed, what, if any, changes do you think will happen, with respect to the CIA? Do you expect bipartisan support from the CIA in terms of defending her and people coming forward as witnesses, people even like John Brennan?

Oh, I absolutely do. We the people seem to have lost our collective ability to see clearly and maybe even to survive.

It is the way it is and to act differently is a fools errand. Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world. We need to be careful about not lose sight of the bigger picture; and the bigger picture is that she should not be in this job.

Haspel has spent her career working for government intelligence agencies in foreign posts and in Washington. For years US officials, pointing to Department of Justice memorandums authorizing these techniques, denied that they constituted torture.

Welcome to Radio WhoWhatWhy. He was there at the creation of the torture program, so they all have a part in this. Now, one of the reasons why I think this is important, is that this is very typical of us on the left, Jeff, where we get wrapped around the axle over these details.

And thank you for listening, and for joining us, here on Radio WhoWhatWhy. Legal Considerations for C. Happy to do it, Jeff. Furthermore, she was the one who physically wrote and sent the cable from headquarters to the secret site ordering them to destroy the evidence of the torture.Mar 17,  · But her nomination faces resistance because of her role in the CIA's torture and waterboarding of al-Qaida suspects in the early s.

One prominent critic is John Kiriakou, a former CIA. "If Obama had allowed prosecutions over CIA torture, 'people like Haspel, quite plausibly, could have gone to prison.' Instead, she's going to run the CIA." in the early s, In @ECCHRBerlin called on Germany's Public Prosecutor to issue arrest warrant against Haspel bc she oversaw #torture https.

Just imagine for a second that you are alone in a small dark room while your head chained between your legs and you has been forced to listen same song again and again for number of hours and days with headphones which you can’t take off.

Music torture has been normal practice for the CIA after it started its “improved examination program” in the early s. Mar 18,  · Paul also objected to Haspel’s overseeing of CIA “black sites” where waterboarding occurred in the early s.

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“I don’t think torture is what America’s about,” Paul said in one of three appearances on Sunday talk shows. Watch video · The interrogations involved extensive use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques, the term used for waterboarding and other interrogation methods internationally classified as torture.

We know that in the early s, Gina Haspel’s CIA was rendering accused terrorists to unfathomable torture in Syria, as well as Egypt and Jordan. And we know that inHaspel herself was busy ordering the destruction of evidence of her involvement in the waterboarding of prisoners.

The issue of the use of torture by the cia in the early 2000s
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