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In the first Journeyman Project game, the character was only addressed as "Agent 5" and was not represented by an actor. He, his robotic henchmen, and the Pegasus device are occasionally referred to but are not relevant to the story.

An extremely gratifying aspect of The Journeyman Project Turbo is the high quality of the many mental or logic puzzles encountered throughout the adventure. Players would click upon icons in his interface, which would present themselves at certain times.

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Any of the aforementioned small gripes are minor when compared to the overall effectiveness of The Journeyman Project Turbo in providing some quality entertainment time spent in front of a computer screen. World in flame, humanity launches an airborne utopia known as Caldoria. Bring on the sequels!

He was later chosen to form and head the Deep Time Unit on July 1, The Journeyman Project 3: Development[ edit ] The Morimoto Caverns as seen in The Journeyman Project The Journeyman Project was completed in and released in early after 2 years of development. One icon would dispense a quip or general observation, and another would dispense a hint, and often as not a quip as well.

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Buried in Time[ edit ] Main article: Elliot Sinclair, the inventor of the Pegasus time machine. They move Agent 5 forward and backward, and rotate Agent 5 left and right.

There are occasions, however, when no hints or clues are apparent, especially in manipulating machinery. He had hoped his attempt would sway the Cyrollans into thinking mankind wanted no part in the Symbiotry.

Legacy of Time Published in by Red Orb Entertainment, the final installment uses a unique degree interaction system without resorting to 3D effects. However, a Jotto solver is available that is guaranteed to find a solution, given the intermediate scores.

The protagonist sees a display, a rectangle shaped visor acting as a monocle for Agent 5. The game also featured a completely redesigned interface and contained many more live-action scenes than the first game. However, a fourth game design document has been mostly written.Jul 20,  · For The Journeyman Project Turbo!

on the PC, FAQ/Walkthrough by LOperating System: PC, MAC. The Journeyman Project: Turbo!

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is a remake of The Journeyman Project. The year is The place: the sky-born city of Caldoria. After a century of bitter struggle, humanity has finally learned to live in peace/5(6). Find great deals on eBay for journeyman project turbo.

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The year is As Agent #5 of the Temporal Security Agency, you must safeguard history from sabotage. Explore photorealistic 3D worlds of the past and future, solve mind-bending puzzles, and outwit menacing robots in a struggle to undo the acts of a saboteur bent on altering the past.

An extremely gratifying aspect of The Journeyman Project Turbo is the high quality of the many mental or logic puzzles encountered throughout the adventure.

By no means are they always easy to solve nor are they impossible. Find great deals for The Journeyman Project Turbo (PC). Shop with confidence on eBay!

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