Io361 week 5 individual assingment

Some of this can be accomplished through the use of the operating system, using what is called subnetting, that keeps data from crossing those lines.

What are the network topologies? What are some of the steps that must be undertaken to ensure that only individuals and equipment with proper credentials can access needed data?

Suppose you were asked about the meaning of these networking acronyms and how they relate to the transfer of data in health care. What are the types of network infrastructure and network configuration most commonly used in health care organizations?

How are they described? As part of this process, IP addressing must be correct. In your role as the IT representative for your department, it is extremely important that you can segregate data between the two departments but can also access files—such as radiology films and lab test results—to provide quick responses when needed.

What types of use make the topologies the best choice for the organization? What might you say to someone unfamiliar with technology?

DQ 2 What are some of the major regulating bodies for health care that have specific network infrastructure requirements? How does the size of the organization have an effect on topology choices?

What types of equipment must be available in the organization to allow for this segregation of data? Who is responsible for requesting access?

What are some of the challenges for data communication, especially with the large files needed for maintaining radiology films and other test results that must be maintained and transferred? How does process this keep unauthorized individuals and equipment from accessing data?

You work for a large health care organization with both administrative and patient care departments. What are some situations in which restricted access has been breached in health care organizations?

Who is responsible for approving the access? How are the health care management activities regulated by the various standards organization affected by the type of network infrastructure available to the organization?

What makes each topology different from other topologies? How are these requirements different than the normal business infrastructure requirements?Study NTC Week 5 Individual Assignment OSI Model Protocol flashcards.

Play games, take quizzes, print and more with Easy Notecards. View Homework Help - Sample - NTC Week 5 Individual Assignment OSI Model Protocol from NTC at University of Phoenix. OSI Model Protocol 1 Write a to 1,word paper on the OSI%(14). The paperwork OI Week 5 Individual Assignment Final Examination has an abstract about final assignment.

Business - Marketing Write a word response to the following questions. ISCOM Week 5 Individual Assignment Accent Industries Example.

This work of ISCOM Week 5 Individual Assignment Accent Industries Example consists of: Individual Accent Industries ExampleResource: pp. of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Write a 1, to 1,word paper, addressing the topics.

NTC Week 1 Individual Assignment Health Care Information System Reflection Write a word description of your use of technology systems in your current or past employment.

If you have no personal experience on which to draw, you may research a health care organization to complete this assignment. FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Individual Accent Industries Example Resource: pp. – of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management Write a 1, to 1,word paper, addressing the topics below.

Determine how laws that affect supply chain management influence the evaluation of and relationship with suppliers.

Io361 week 5 individual assingment
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