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He is also the principal author of Torts: Luntz is also the author of numerous other articles, incisive case notes, engaging book reviews, comments on the direction of the law and other publications.

So what went wrong? The answer, implicit throughout the book, is articulated clearly and powerfully in the last chapter.

Following his retirement, he continued to teach in the postgraduate program until Besides delivering widely distributed material success to the populace, the Singapore state has relied on two main discursive strategies.

Emeritus Professor Harold Luntz

Legislation, Discourse and Legitimacy in Singapore shows how the Singapore state governs through the illiberal "rule by law" while claiming to do so through the liberal "rule of law. For the second edition of this landmark text Professor Luntz was awarded the degree of Doctor of Laws by the University of Melbourne in How then, Rajah asks, does the Singapore state construct and maintain its legitimacy despite such illiberal moves?

Less obviously, the state has subordinated and infantilized its citizenry just as once the British did. Harold Luntz is the author of Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death 1st edition ; 4th edition,the 5th edition being currently in the final stages of preparation, and Assessment of Damages for Personal Injury and Death: First, to counter the neo-colonial narrative, we need to focus more sharply and unrelentingly on the injustices and harm of colonial rule in Singapore.

It is a place where the language of the rule of law and of defence of liberty has been driven into hiding within the legal, police and judicial fraternities, surfacing surreptitiously in scholarly law books or occasionally on the lips of civil society activists.

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If we take our examination of key personnel a little further we find that Singapore has had only four Ministers for Law, and the first three all received their law training in one of the great law schools of the Western world.

The second discursive strategy that the state deploys to legitimize its illiberal rule is the national narrative of extreme vulnerability, first to the threats of Communism and communalism during the Cold War, then to the threat of religious intolerance in the 80s and 90s, and then to the threat of terrorism in the new century.

On the surface, it is a bit of a mystery. Its police and judicial systems may fall spectacularly short of its ideals in many ways but the ideals are nevertheless alive and well in the constitution and in the minds of judges, various Bar associations and in Supreme Court judgments Neo and Lee, Unashamedly liberal in terms of political persuasion, the author uses a Foucault-ian Jessica Goh you will appreciate this approach to analyse legal discourse, and yet has made it accessible to a general reader who has no legal background.

Areas of expertise Torts: Think of India, a country in which basically every member of the pantheon of nationalist heroes for nearly a century before independence studied law in a British university.

People in authority — from Cabinet Ministers, to judges to local police officers — hold extraordinary levels of discretionary power, and there is little practical opportunity for redress.

Authoritarian Rule of Law

Inhe was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and in was appointed George Paton Professor of Law, a position he held until his retirement in Cases and Commentary 1st editionthe 8th edition being recently published in Both authors are Singaporean law academics and between them they paint a stark and frightening picture of a tiny country where rule of law and the protection of the accused from abuses of process are threadbare.

I know he learnt all about rule of law and common law at Cambridge because I have interviewed and corresponded with some of his classmates and read some of the text books he was studying.

Welcome to the real Singapore.Harold Luntz Graduate Research Thesis Prize for Dr Stewart Fenwick Congratulations to Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society – CILIS Associate, Dr Stewart Fenwick, who has been awarded the.

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Stewart has 18 jobs listed on their profile. Harold Luntz Graduate Thesis Research Prize Melbourne Law Title: Chief Executive Officer and. The Harold Luntz Graduate Research Thesis Prize is awarded annually to a Melbourne Law School graduate researcher judged to have presented the best thesis in the previous year.

It is named for Emeritus Professor Harold Luntz, a world expert on torts law and a former dean and professor at Melbourne Law School. The dissertation has won the Melbourne Law School’s Harold Luntz Graduate Research Thesis Prize, an honourable mention from the American Law & Society Association Dissertation Committee; and the University of Melbourne Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis.

Harold Luntz Graduate Research Prize for Best PhD Thesis, Melbourne Law School, Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne, Gaire Blunt Scholarship, Business Law Section of the Law Council of Australia,

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Harold luntz thesis prize
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