An analysis of the contrary on the scarlet letter

What I contend for is the authenticity of the outline. Hester also shows some anger about her punishment. The remainder may perhaps be applied to purposes equally valuable hereafter, or not impossibly may be worked up, so far as they go, into a regular history of Salem, should my veneration for the natal soil ever impel me to so pious a task.

She urged the people of the community not to let Hester hear these remarks, and explained to them that she has already experienced enough pain in her heart Hawthorne,p. It was interesting to look at from a feminist criticism point of view because the novel was written and set in at a time much different than ours.

How unlike alas the hangdog look of a republican official, who, as the servant of the people, feels himself less than the least, and below the lowest of his masters.

The change put upon her, begins with her initial ostracism, which turns into deeper isolation, which in time becomes self-reflection. Consequently, Hester to sees herself and everything she enjoys, such as sewing, as sinful.

In his case, it is his relative youth and vitality that separates him from the career customs officers. Men were allowed to do things that women barred from, and women were ostracized for things that men light-heartedly took for granted.

There were two particular female characters that female viewers may have been encouraged to identify with. The narrator is not just a stand-in for Hawthorne; he is carefully constructed to enhance the book aesthetically and philosophically.

This shows her recognition of her impurity and that she would have liked to have been pure so that she could have changed womanhood.

But, one idle and rainy day, it was my fortune to make a discovery of some little interest. It is the work of one Jonathan Pue, who was a customs surveyor a hundred years earlier.

Finally, Hester sees the act as not sinful, but she regrets committing it. Due to this separation Hester has an affair with an initially unknown lover, which results in a child. She outwardly portrays Puritan feelings and attitudes, but is merely hiding what she is actually feeling.

But, on examining the papers which the parchment commission served to envelop, I found more traces of Mr. On the transfer of the archives to Halifax, this package, proving to be of no public concern, was left behind, and had remained ever since unopened.

Great were the weariness and annoyance of the old Inspector and the Weighers and Gaugers, whose slumbers were disturbed by the unmercifully lengthened tramp of my passing and returning footsteps.

It impressed me as if the ancient Surveyor, in his garb of a hundred years gone by, and wearing his immortal wig — which was buried with him, but did not perish in the grave — had met me in the deserted chamber of the Custom-House.

His fellow workers mostly hold lifetime appointments secured by family connections. In each part her attitudes change significantly. It was the subject of my meditations for many an hour, while pacing to and fro across my room, or traversing, with a hundredfold repetition, the long extent from the front door of the Custom-House to the side entrance, and back again.

English The Scarlet Letter: Like Hester, the narrator spends his days surrounded by people from whom he feels alienated. My imagination was a tarnished mirror. Surveyor Pue, and from whose oral testimony he had made up his narrative, remembered her, in their youth, as a very old, but not decrepit woman, of a stately and solemn aspect.

At this point in the novel, Hester is no longer a women of pure emotion and love.Scarlet Letter Essay #2 Musick 1 Erich Musick AP English 3 – Scarlet Letter Essay 2b Mr.

Kosek 10/19/ the spot never grew callous; it seemed, on the contrary, to grow more sensitive with daily torture. ” As the story unfolds, though, this letter comes to mean other things to Hester and the people.

The Scarlet Letter: Hester Character Analysis

Rather than bringing torture to. Video: Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter: Description, Traits & Character Analysis In this lesson, we will discuss the heroine of 'The Scarlet Letter,' Hester Prynne. Literary analysis involves examining all the parts of a novel, play, short story, or poem—elements such as character, setting, tone, and imagery—and thinking about how the author uses those elements to create certain effects.

“How does Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter remind me of my sister?” 2. Collect Evidence remember that. Transcript of The Scarlet Letter | Chapter 24 Analysis Chapter 24 Thesis Through this story, and specifically this chapter, we have seen many things that seem to be contrary to each other.

We have seen how Dimmesdale was a celebrated priest but at the same time a sinner. In "A Literary Analysis of The Scarlet Letter" In "Issues in the 's and 's," Johnson indicates that contrary to what powerful Puritanical authorities believe that Pearl "saves Hester from abandoning herself to the darkest elements of human nature." Also in "Issues in the.

Dec 01,  · Feminist Critical Analysis of The Scarlet Letter Feminist Criticism However, feminist critique is quite the contrary: “feminist perspective focuses on the taken for granted as normal roles and rules for men and women in society” (Sellnow,p.

89). What I found most interesting from our analysis is how strong Hester.

An analysis of the contrary on the scarlet letter
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