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As noted in the findings of Coate and Loury: The major polices of affirmative action require that companies provide equal opportunities for minority workers to have access to: However, instead of combating the problem and making fundamental changes to the way that society deals with and views race and gender, the United States was forced to implement a program that forced those that may discriminate in their choosing process to have a certain number of openings be filled by minorities.

This study was conducted over the course of six years, from toand shows clear improvement in workplace diversity.

Originally created to correct for generations of racial prejudices, there was a time when affirmative action was the only hope for non-white Americans to find a place in certain educational institutions or employment fields.

It was implemented in and over the course of two decades was shown to improve opportunities for women and minorities in most cases Leonard He notes the affirmative action has: Still, the debate continues on how we as an American society can truly embrace diversity.

It injures white men and violates their rights. It destroys the idea of a meritocracy and instead puts race as the dominant factor in admissions and hiring procedures.

Essay on Affirmative Action

The program focuses primarily on education and jobs. Society has moved more and more towards a world where the practices that the program is trying to defend against are becoming Affirmative action education cons essay. Sturm, Susan, and Lani Guinier. It might be easier to hope that affirmative action is still valid and effective, but social conditions change over time and a new tactic needs to be considered for addressing the issues that actually account for prejudice in the modern age, rather than the symptom of decades past.

Coate, Stephen, and Glenn C. In fact, the system in place can create an atmosphere where regardless of the skill set of a minority worker, they will be underappreciated and Affirmative action education cons essay their skills downplayed because of the rationale that they were hired simply because they belong to a minority.

Presently, finding employment is very difficult for almost everyone in the country as job growth continues to diminish. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy The essence of the positive discrimination is rather controversial.

The social conditions that created a need for affirmative action are gone and they have been replaced by a new set of problems that needs a different solution.

Affirmative action is a way to ensure that diversity is obtained and maintained in schools and in the workplace. Opponents of affirmative action argue that it reduces the value of the achievements of the individual, assessing the achievement of the principle of membership in a particular social group, rather than his qualifications.

On the one hand, the Supreme Court has banned the use of strict quotas in universities. An outdated program As noted, when first implemented this system was not only needed but successful, however as it becomes more and more clear that the program has become outdated and needs either a major overhaul or to be shut down.

Compensatory justice demands affirmative action programs. Social inequality no longer requires the dramatic oversight it once did. Regardless of whether this claim is true, the mere existence of a program like affirmative action can create an environment of hostility and tension for minority workers even if they are the most qualified for the job.

Works Cited Brunner, Borgna. As of a study conducted in However, affirmative action still remains a policy supported by the Federal Government and legal everywhere except for California and Texas, where other policies have been adopted.

Affirmative action was once necessary and effective. Shaw, But it is necessary to stress that measures of affirmative action can only be performed in accordance with the following conditions: Since there are initiatives and programs that already do a job similar to these, they could merge with affirmative action and form a larger, more powerful means to help those that have risen from a troubled upbringing.

Posts affirmative action Since affirmative action was first proven effective in the s, conditions have changed. Whatever use it once served, however, has been long-since outlived. However, it should be noted that right from the onset of the program, affirmative action was seen as only a temporary measure.

At its inception it was controversial and unwelcome, but its effects could not be denied.If this trend proceeds unchecked, before long affirmative action will have to include white males as well and simply become a comprehensive government regulation for education and workplace demographics.5/5(1).

Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action 2 The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action in the Workplace According to the Encarta Dictionary, affirmative action (AA) is a policy or program aimed at countering discrimination against minorities and women, especially in employment and education.

There are those who feel that AA has exceeded its. The Pro’s and Con’s of Affirmative Action Essay. One of the aspects of discrimination, especially in employment, is the term “positive discrimination” or “affirmative action”, which are temporary special measures aimed at achieving de facto equality and overcoming various forms of discrimination.

education, and business from. Free Essay: A Short Discussion of Affirmative Action Pros and Cons. Affirmative Action programming is seen by some as a mechanical remedy to past social. Lisa M. Rudgers and Julie A. Peterson led communications during the University of Michigan’s defense of affirmative action in the Gratz and Grutter cases.

The Pro's and Con's of Affirmative Action Essay

They are co-founders of Peterson Rudgers Group, a higher education strategy and branding firm. The Pros and Cons of Affirmative Action – Essay Sample.

Affirmative action allows these individuals to have the same access to education and employment as those with more resources. Despite its positive effects, there are still a number of negative consequences associated with affirmative action.

Some cons to the policy include.

Affirmative action education cons essay
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