1500 word essay on the importance of being on time

Moderators reserve the right to change flair at will. Not only is being late for anything bad if you are late for one thing it could put you behind any schedule that you had and make you late for every other thing that you need to do. Positive Impression—When you call at the exact time of your call, you have the opportunity to make a positive impression.

If you are the person responsible for initiating the call, what kind of impression will you make? When you are late for appointments with people who value their time, you will have wasted one of their most valuable assets and there is a good chance they will view you as rude, irresponsible and disrespectful.

This subreddit has a wiki page containing information and links to answered questions. When you have a call scheduled, write it in your appointment book and if necessary set your cell phone alarm to notify you two minutes in advance. Sets a good example for your children and others who look up to you.

It makes sense that we devote our time to things we consider important, thus people are honored when people turn up on time for meetings it means the meeting is important to us.

This also applies to discussing exploits in course software. Being late for anything is bad for any number of reasons but I will just give 3 simple reasons why being on time is what you should always strive for. Remember, there is no downside in showing up early, but there is significant downside to showing up late.

Being early gives me the opportunity to determine the best location for the meeting and ensure that the clients are not distracted. This puts you in control. When I was a realtor, I would arrive for my appointments five minutes early to gather my presentation materials and review any notes I had taken.

To avoid making up an excuse for being late. Is this how you want to brand yourself?

The Importance of Being On Time

This attitude towards time is very common among young people and people without demanding or busy schedules. It is very likely that whatever you are about to post has already been posted before.

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Although the appointment had been scheduled a month earlier, I turned up early as possible on the date and waited, it turned out he had forgotten about the meeting and was extremely sorry, later he disclosed that my punctuality to the meeting was what convinced him to give me the job.

Essay on the Importance of Being on Time

One reason is being late for one thing can have a cascading effect and cause not only you but the people waiting on you to be late for things you are going to do later. I once had an interview with a very picky businessman, the friend who recommended me the job told tales of his impatient and rude nature.

Indicates that you honor your commitments and you can be trusted. Even if your plan gives you extra time just in case it is still a bad idea to be late for what if something else happens that causes you to be late?

And a final reason that being late is bad is that sometimes being on time can be the difference between life or death. If I am meeting with some prospective clients at a restaurant, I select a table out of the way.The importance of being on time, 1k words.

What have you had to write before? And por why? My class had to write a word essay on accountability. I somehow linked it to the army values. Personal courage was great. word essay on why its important to stay disciplined. Basic Training.

The Importance of Being On-Time. The principal reason for this essay is since I did not follow out proper orders and was not at the right place of duty for PT/Accountability formation at the appropriate time. Essay on the Importance of Being on Time Article shared by Most people regard lateness as a minor and pardonable offence and sometimes turn up to engagements intentionally late, expecting the other party to easily forgive them.

The Importance Of Being On Time In The Military The importance of being on time in life and in the military. One reason as to why being on time is important is.  Word Essay On The Importance Of Being On Time One of the first things I learned upon entering the proud United States Army was to be at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform, with the right attitude.

No Soldier can go wrong as long as they stick to those guidelines.


 Word Essay On The Importance Of Being On Time One of the first things I learned upon entering the proud United States Army was to be at the right place, at .

1500 word essay on the importance of being on time
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